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Hot4Lax now offers the Sani Sport Sanitizing Process!



*NEW hours at the Pettit National Ice Center for June 2018.

              We will be closed June 26th, 27th & 28th

Monday 5:00pm - 9pm. Tuesday & Wednesday Closed

Thursday  6:30pm -8:30pm. Friday  5pm-9pm

Saturday 3 pm - 8pm.  Sunday 4pm - 8pm.

Hours may be adjusted - Please call  414.554.9696



June 29th - 5-9pm

June 30th - 3-8pm

July 1st - 4-8pm

July 2nd through July 5th - CLOSED

July 6th - 5-9pm

July 7th - 3-8pm

July 8th - 4-8pm